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About Tatterson Greenhouses

Tatterson’s Greenhouses has more than five generations worth of horticultural know-how behind its success today. Founder Bill Tatterson grew up on his grandfather’s peach orchard in Mathews County, Va. His parents, like many other families in the county, had a daffodil farm that supplied wholesale florists in the region. Bill and his wife Jeannie passed on that knowledge to daughter Kathryn, who grew up among the plants and pots and now runs the family business.

Today, Tatterson’s Greenhouses stands apart as one of very few growers in the region who still start their plants from cuttings and seeds. This means the spring flowers that gardeners pluck from the retail shop have been growing at Tatterson’s for several months under the care of veteran greenhouse assistants. Because they are the growers, the staff at Tatterson’s can provide sound advice on the care and maintenance of their plants.

Tatterson’s grows their plants for independent retailers and garden shops instead of retail giants, so they can deliver quality plants and offer personal service. When you call the greenhouses, a real person answers the phone and they are happy to hear from you. Their delivery service is lightening-fast. Tatterson’s can deliver an order to your store when you need it. In some cases, plants can be delivered the next day. That kind of customer service is one reason why Tatterson’s has kept some of the same clients for the last three decades!

One key to Tatterson’s success is its dedicated staff. At the peak of the growing season, 40 greenhouse workers, office assistants and drivers make sure customers get a quality product delivered on time.

One of Kathryn Tatterson’s most vivid memories of growing up around her family’s greenhouse business was a particular harsh winter when snow crushed six of their greenhouses. About 20 employees showed up to help shovel snow and salvage what they could of the houses, many spending the night in an office trailer after their rescue efforts, she recalls. The memory of that team effort stays with Kathryn, who now owns and runs the family business with the help of her veteran staff.

Tatterson Greenhouses is a Proud Member of:
OFA an Association of Floriculture Professionals
Virginia Flower Growers Association


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